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The Invertebrate species on this page are not a stocklist but species that we supply to our customers throughout the year.

Brazilian white knee Acanthoscurria geniculata Year round    
Blue sheen bird-eater Acanthoscurria species Rarely    
Texas tan tarantulas Aphonopelma bicoloratum Seasonal    
Rio grand gold tarantula Aphonopelma moderatum Seasonal    
Stripe knee tarantula Aphonoplema seemanni Year round    
Red Rump Pink Toe Avicularia bicegoi Rarely    
Metallic White Toe Tarantula Avicularia metallica Seasonal    
Venezuelan pink-toe Avicularia minarix Rarely    
Purple Pink Toe Avicularia purpurea Rarely    
Pink-toe tarantulas Avicularia species Year round    
Peru giant pink-toe Avicularia urticans Rarely    
Martinique pink-toe tarantula Avicularia versicolor Year round Click Me To See The Photo  
Curly Hair Tarantula Brachypelma albopilosa Rarely    
Flame-knee tarantula Brachypelma auratum Rarely    
Mexican red-knees Brachypelma smithii Year round    
Red Rump Brachypelma vagans Year Round    
King baboon Citharischius crawshayi Year round    
Cost Rican tiger rump tarantula Cyclosternum fasciata Year round    
Venezuelan green bottle blue Delopelma cyanopubescens Year round    
Black Andean Enathlus pulcherimaklaasi Rarely    
Stout-legged baboon Eucratoscelus pachypus Year round    
Paraguay pink stripe Eupalaestratua campestratus Year round    
Chaco golden mustard tarantula Grammostola aureostriata Seasonal    
Brazilian Black Tarantula Grammostola pulchra Year Round    
Chile rose tarantulas Grammostola rosea Year round Click Me To See The Photo  
Cobalt blue Haplopelma lividum Year round Click Me To See The Photo  
Thailand black Haplopelma minax Seasonal    
Togo starburst Hetroscoda maculata Year round    
Andean blue stripe Homaeoma species Rarely    
Tawny tarantulas Hysterocrates species Rarely    
Ornate Black & White Tarantula Lasiodora cristatus Rarely    
Salmon Pink Tarantula Lasiodora parahybana Year Round    
Peru giant blonds Lasiodorides polycuspulatus Rarely Click Me To See The Photo  
Peru giant stripe knee Lasiodorides striatus Rarely    
Giant red legged tarantula Megophobema robusta Year round    
Brown velvet Megophobema velvetosoma Rarely    
Brazilian red tarantulas Nhandu carapoensis Seasonal    
Brazilian White Knee Tarantula Nhandu colloratvillosust Rarely    
Brazilian White Leg Tarantula Nhandu coloratovilosum Rarely    
Brazilian stripe Nhandu species Seasonal Click Me To See The Photo  
Steely-Blue Pamphobetus antinous Rarely    
Tan bird-eater Pamphobetus platyomma Rarely    
Haitian Brown Birdeater Phormictopus cancerides Seasonal    
Ornate Ornamentals Poecilotheria ornate Rarely    
Indian Ornamental Poecilotheria regalis Year Round    
Slate Red Ornamental Poecilotheria rufilata Rarely    
Trinidad Chevron tarantula Psalmopoeus cambridgei Rarely    
Zimbabwe Grey Mustard Baboon Pterinochilus meridionalis Year Round    
Mombassa starburst baboons Pterinochilus murinus Year Round    
Usambara Orange baboon Pterinochilus species Rarely    
Tanzanian orange tarantula Pterinochilus species Year round    
Vietnam black tarantulas Selenocosmia species Year round    
Thiland red Selenocosmia species Rarely    
Goliath bird-eaters Theraphosa blondi Year round    
Brazilian pink Vitalius platyomma Rarely    
Pink starburst tarantulas Vitalius rosous Year round    


Fire millipedes Aphistogoniulus species Seasonal Click Me To See The Photo  
Giant black millipede Archispirostrenptus gigas Year round    
Tailless whip scorpions Damon variegates Year round    
Giant prickly stick insects Extatosoma tiaratum Year round    
Sun/wind spiders Galeodes arabs Seasonal Click Me To See The Photo Caresheet
Goliath beetles Goliathus regius Seasonal Click Me To See The Photo  
Red trap door spiders Gorgyrella species Year round    
Desert hairy scorpions Hadrurus arizonensis Seasonal Click Me To See The Photo  
Vietnam Black Scorpion Heterometrus species Year Round Click Me To See The Photo  
Asian scorpions Hetrometrus spinifer Year round    
Asian giant mantis Hierodula Membranacea Seasonal    
Vinegaroon’s Mastigoproctus gigantaus Seasonal Click Me To See The Photo  
Egyptian Praying mantis Miomantis species Seasonal    
Assorted stick insects mixed species Year round Click Me To See The Photo  
African black scorpions Pandinus africanus Year round    
Cave clawed scorpions Pandinus cavimanus Year round    
Imperial scorpions Pandinus imperator Year round Click Me To See The Photo Caresheet
Flower mantis Pseudocreobotra ocellata Seasonal    
Dung beetles Scarab scarab Seasonal Click Me To See The Photo  
Fan-failed centipedes Scolopendra alipes Year round    
Centipedes (blue legged) Scolopendra species Year round    
Centipedes (tiger-legged) Scolopendra species Year round    
Vietnam centipedes Scolopendra subspinipes sp Year round    
Pill millipedes Sphaerotherium species Seasonal Click Me To See The Photo  
African green mantis Sphodromantis lineola Year round    
Desert beetles Tenobris species Seasonal    

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